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broncolor Flash Bag 2
broncolor Flash Bag 2
Flash Bag 2 for Siros
260.61€ *
broncolor Wabenvorsätze zu L40
broncolor Honeycomb grids for L40
set of 3 pieces (fine, medium, coarse) for reducing the coverage angle
272.51€ *
broncolor Normal-Reflektor L40
broncolor Standard Reflector L40
The L40 is an ideal standard Reflector for Siros, Siros S, and Siros L. Compared to the standard Siros Umbrella Reflector, L40 is engineered for brighter light output and perfect illumination thanks to the Siros’ fully exposed flash tube...
82.11€ *
broncolor Flash Bag 3
broncolor Flash Bag 3
Flash Bag 3 for Siros
309.40€ *
broncolor Accessory Bag
broncolor Accessory Bag
Accessory Bag for Siros
95.20€ *
broncolor Barn door for L40
broncolor Barn door for L40
The range of accessories for the L40 standard reflector for Siros became expanded. Not only honeycomb grids with different light angles are available but now also a barn door with 4 wings. By a simple tension spring the barn door is...
228.48€ *