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Hensel Strobe Master Belichtungsmesser
Hensel Strobe Master Belichtungsmesser
Measuring options: incident light measuring, object measuring, contrast measuring, flash measuring (Cord/Noncord/Strobe Wizard), display of the continuous light portion, programmable exposure correction and multiple flashing Measuring...
539.00€ *
Gossen Digisix Exposure Meter Gossen Digisix Exposure Meter
Gossen Digisix Exposure Meter
MEASURE EXPOSURE EASILY - With this handheld exposure meter for continuous light made in Germany you can carry out reflective, incident and contrast measurements on your photo or film set and determine the ideal camera settings....
184.00€ *
POLARIS Flashmeter 2Messbereich bis f 90, mit 1.5V Batterie, Leu
POLARIS Flashmeter 2
switchable illuminated display, measuring area up to f 90, with 1.5V battery
265.00€ *